This is the start of my project.  This motor is a 1955 Evinrude Aquasonic Big Twin Electric.  The Boat Motor and Trailer have been sitting beside a barn since 1957.  This rig was purchased new by the Goetze family and used on their own property for less than a year.  Reasons are unknown as to why they stopped using it.  I would guess because the farming life was so demanding and weather so unpredictable in this area.  As I complete pieces of this project I will post.

The first order of business was to see if the engine was in any condition to reuse.  Once my sons and I opened the cowling it was evident that there was minimal use on it.  The inside looked new.  Of course the outside had weathered and was full of dirt dobbers and other interesting creatures.  The ignition coils had dry rotted.  It did turn over easily by use of the pull starter.  I dissembled the top end and ordered the ignition components I needed from .  Once received and I had spark.  I injected 1 shot of either into her and on the first pull there was life.  I decided then it was rebuildable.  I have since done a compression test and all was good.  It was then time for a complete tear down except for the power head.  Each part was cleaned, striped, prepped and primed for paint using DuPont VariPrime Self  Etching primer.  I used DuPont Croma-Premiere basecoat, mixed to the closest match we could get using a color camera reader provided by my good friend and paint instructor Sammy Spenser, of Bankston Chevrolet, Dallas fame.  Finished off with a Dupont Chroma-Clear coat.  All parts, rubber, gaskets, etc have been replaced as I find them.  Any help with secrets would be appreciated

I could still use the rubber grommets for the carburetor adjustment on the front of the cowling as well as any advice on how to convert this system to 12volts  I know the starter, choke component and the starter solenoid must be changed but the crossover parts evade me.

The boat is a 1955 Feathercraft SuperChief.  It is in excellent condition.  It simply needs wood components replaced and high power polishing. 

I also have a 1955 Tee Nee trailer that is mid way through restoration.  I will post pictures as soon as I get them ready.